THE LAB - By JeSSICA SOWyrda, Houston TX / USA

THe LAB - By Chrissy Kuny, Saskatoon sKA / CANADA

The Lab - By Jordan Sugarman, Columbus OH / USA

Why become an Affiliate Teacher of The Lab Program?


  • All manuals including: Anatomy, Groundwork Exercises, Mat, Reformer, Cadillac/Tower, Chair, Ladder Barrel, Spine Corrector + Magic Circle

  • Supplemental modules not required for the PMA exam: Class planning/strategy for both group and private clients + Tactile Cueing on common exercises

  • Tests + Answer keys

  • Worksheets for students: Anatomy review, class planning strategies, sample Class Plans trainees can use right away to begin practice hours

  • Suggested timelines for each module to help you plan your sessions

  • Template for FAQ’s regarding your studios program + Registration form (includes liability waiver to be reviewed by your legal counsel)

  • Online Resource Portal: includes demonstrations on our favorite ways to teach trainees various subjects or exercises. For example, teaching Planes of Motion or a specific tactile cue.

  • Ongoing support to help in marketing + pricing the program and anything else you may need


We created a training program to fill the gaps in other training programs. We found applicants at our studios were lacking in a few necessary skills that weren’t emphasized in many training programs. So we made sure to include what we couldn’t find anywhere else:

  • A solid classical foundation so the original work is passed on, but with an emphasis on teaching to the body in front of you

  • Contemporary variations + modifications that are beneficial to all populations as well as special populations (ex. Sidelying Footwork for prenatal clients no longer laying on their back)

  • Class Planning - we encourage creative class planning and learning how to do that is a skill that should begin in training. We’ve created three different methods to get trainees started and spark intelligent class plans for both group and private clients

  • Verbal Cueing - Developing a higher level of verbal cuing to go beyond the typical “knit your ribs and put your shoulders down” type of cueing.

  • Tactile Cueing - Encouraging trainees to use appropriate touch to correct and guide their clients through an exercise

  • Ongoing Support - we’re here for you. We’ve been where you are right now and we want to make the process as easy as possible, for as long as you offer it. Call, email, text we’re happy to help in anyway.


You do! As an affiliate of THE LAB, you’re program will be called THE LAB by ________. You can teach the program wherever you choose to whoever you choose. The benefit of having THE LAB name is that we provide ongoing education modules to offer your trainees, extra support + marketing for our affiliate studios.