Holly comes from a long background of movement and has always been active in athletics. Starting at the age of two, Holly was an accomplished gymnast and ballet dancer for most of her early life. Beginning in college, she was introduced to Pilates after attending a session with her mother during a visit home. 

Shortly after her return to Chicago, she completed her Pilates certifications in both Stott Pilates and the PhysicalMind Institute, including a concentration in breast cancer rehabilitation through the Pink Ribbon Program.

 In 2015, Holly's love of teaching led her to open the Core Chicago Instructor Training Center with Holly as the lead Instructor Trainer. Holly is certified through the Pilates Method alliance as a PMA-CPT®. In 2018, Holly and Jacquelyn collaborated in creating The Lab training program to bring together their vast knowledge of the work.

Meet Jacquelyn BrennaN

Jacquelyn has been working in the wellness world since she was 16 years old. Her passion for enhancing movement, strength and endurance comes from her athletic background. In 2017, Jacquelyn opened Pilates+Coffee in Chicago with her husband as a space to share their love for Pilates, coffee, and especially community.

Her passion for movement and health provided direction in her life, especially in her career and lifestyle goals.  As an athlete, an avid runner and marathoner, Jacquelyn found Pilates as a way to stay injury free, find balance, build uniform strength, and overall increased well-being. She became a Fletcher Pilates teacher in 2009 and assisted in teacher training as an adjunct Fletcher faculty member. Since then her teaching style has evolved, incorporating yoga and therapeutic modalities helping her to create challenging, safe and exciting movement sessions for clientele of all levels. 

Co-creating The Lab with Holly in 2018 has been a very exciting endeavor, bringing together 25+ years of teaching experience has been so wonderful.



Jordan teaches from a place of authenticity, with the goal of enriching and lifting her client’s lives through Pilates. She brings expertise from the Pilates and fitness industry, passion for educating the community, and a zest for life to her teaching. Her careful eye, allied with an intricate understanding of perfect form, makes her workouts as enjoyable as they are challenging.

A former dancer and athlete, Jordan was introduced to Pilates in 2008. It caught her attention with its unique combination of education of the body and dynamic, graceful movements. She is certified through the PhysicalMind Institute in New York, completing over 200 hours of education, observation and an apprenticeship.

After teaching for several years, Jordan wanted to further her education and journeyed to New York to study Yamuna® Body Rolling under the world-renowned and visionary, Yamuna Zake. She is dedicated to continuing her education, and remains as passionate for Pilates and fitness as ever.

Jordan served on the Board of Directors for The Center for Balanced Living from 2014 –2017 and, by doing so, aspires to create strength through balanced living. The Center is an organization providing comprehensive outpatient treatment, research and prevention services for persons with eating disorders in Central Ohio.


“As the music started, it became clear that Chrissy Kuny is electric. Her spirit jolts your soul, travels through your bones, into your bloodstream, and out of your wildly grinning face.

We all were so happy to be there that you could feel the magnetic energy bouncing from one body to the next. We were there to be part of her movement.”    - Micah Holley

Chrissy is always moving. At 33 she holds a variety of certifications which together blend into a magical mix of movement, music and mindfulness. As a fully certified Pilates Instructor, The Lab Teacher Trainer, Balanced Body Master Trainer, Barre and TRX Suspension Trainer, Dynamic Stretch Coach, Certified Health Coach, and dedicated student of yoga and meditation, Chrissy is always growing, connecting, and creating.

Speaking of creating, in 2016 Chrissy created The Movement YXE. A contemporary Pilates studio that believes any movement is good movement but great movement is better. Chrissy teaches great movement. Alongside a team of bright, brilliant, vivacious, and thriving women, Chrissy created a not only a studio, but a true movement towards health, wellness, and self discovery.


Justine views movement as medicine and is forever fascinated by the healing and transformative power of working with the body-mind through the blend of various modalities. She was a competitive figure skater for over a decade, and Pilates has been an integral part of her life since she was 12. Justine completed a comprehensive Pilates training through Body Arts Science International (BASI) as well as yoga trainings with YogaWorks and Embodied Flow to become a 500-RYT. In addition to studying Yoga & Pilates, Justine has completed trainings in Deep Bodywork Massage and Resistance Flexibility Strength Training (RFST). Justine currently lives in LA and teaches at Wanderlust Hollywood & Samarasa in Echo Park.